Graduation Regulations

Fundamental Professional Competence standards

In accordance with MCU General Provisions for Study, all undergraduate students must pass the requirements for Service-Learning, English Proficiency, Information Technology Proficiency, Chinese Proficiency, Sports Ability, and Basic Professional Skills in order to graduate.
依本校學則規定,大學部學生需通過「服務學習」、 「英語能力」、「資訊能力」、「中文能力」、「運動能力」及「專業基本能力」檢定,始得畢業。

  • Service-Learning(服務學習)

Service-Learning for each undergraduate student at MCU must include 16 hours of service, one on-campus Service-Learning seminar, one reflection report, and an exhibition to share reflections or results.

  • English Proficiency(英語能力)

Undergraduate and graduate students are required to meet the graduation requirements for English Proficiency by obtaining one of the following test certificates within the study period. The minimum requirements and categories for English Proficiency tests are as follows:


  • Information Technology Proficiency(資訊能力)

Undergraduate students should pass the following ITP Tests within the study period. The minimum requirements and categories for ITP Tests are as follows:


  • Chinese Proficiency (中文能力)

Undergraduate students must pass the Chinese Proficiency examination at least once within the study period. The minimum requirements, categories and target students for Chinese Proficiency tests are as follows:


  • Sport Proficiency (運動能力)

In response to the Ministry of Education’s program to promote health-related physical fitness in students, these regulations were established in accordance with the Procedures for Proficiency-based Graduation Requirements. In order to encourage students to participate in regular physical activities and improve their health, students are required to meet the requirements for sports capabilities before graduation.