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Course for Taking Minor

Regulations for Taking Minor

Fundamental Professional Competence Standards 

* 專 業 能 力

Professional competence

* 檢 定 標 準



With the professional knowledge of tourism industry and be able to apply to the industry

  1. 完成國內或海外400小時產業實習

To complete the 400 hours industry internship internal or overseas.

  1. 順利取得觀光領域相關國內外專業證照至少一張

To obtain at least one professional certificate related in tourism industry.

  1. 能夠獨立完成旅遊行程規劃並依規劃執行旅遊行程

To be able to plan the travel itinerary and to practice it independently.


Be able to have team work with others and have good communication skills

  1. 利用母語以外之外語公開發表演說

To have public speech with foreign languages.

  1. 透過公開場合發表其產業實習之成果

To have presentation of industry internship.